Rainbow colors company 

Early nineties was the beginning of the company  establishment ,boost the dream of providing excellent products, modern  in form and content for Iraqi people.
Our choice was that we import electrical appliances from a variety sources with industrial experience and experiential , in order to saturate the consumer need and is aligned from multiple aspects for ease of use,accuracy process , maintenance as well as cheap price .
Then , we found that the electrical appliances brands of European origin have high confidence overwhelming  presence in our society especially Italian items, due to the originality
of designs and innovation with competitive prices.As well as to the uniqueness of Italian products . distinction from others .Beside its warm Mediterranean spirit which is closer to eastern divers culture of our society.
In order to move away from tradition or imitates the other;carefully , we studied what lacking local surroundings of the devices and accessories and focused our attention on the most important .For example, different kinds of ice machines produce to suit the requirements of public hotels and restaurants as well as express coffee machine  of Italian made which has the famous reputation for producing every thing related to industrial kitchen ; our company has its contribution in this field. 
In recent years as a result of urbanization and urban for our country , it emerged many needs related to health means . the attention of cleanliness of places, challenges of preservation and protection of all human life for contaminating food , clothing , home which may expose a task that is not easy . 
The details of the task include : machinery, equipment , supplies and cleaning materials. So,we determined to establish a culture of consumption based  on process ,clarity , guidance to help professional as well as beginners in these areas to choose optimal solution to all the problems and challenges in the cleaning field. The necessity of preserving the environment when using detergents and disinfectants in accordance with European standard should be achieved.
To achieve all the above goals , our company is keen to attend various exhibitions and international conferences to gain more experience and update information which will lead us to ensure optimal economic consumption in order to establish priories that will change reality to what is the most beautiful , cleaner and more comfortable.This is a long way we hope we begun its first steps.